B’nei Mitzvah Program

Last year, our 6th and 7th graders prepared beautiful oral history interviews of two congregants. These stories help share the history of Sha’ar Zahav’s community.

B’nei Mitzvah Program

The B’nei Mitzvah (Children of the Commandment) year of study meets students at a challenging and powerful time of human development. Through the preparation for this ritual milestone, we ground students in Jewish community, ethics, and text, and lift them up toward a self that is confident, connected, and self-aware.

Our program pairs each student with an adult congregant as a mentor, enriching the child’s circle of adult support and offering a model of engaged Jewish adulthood. Together they study Jewish text and liturgy as each student learns, questions, and interprets for themselves Torah, Haftarah and the Shabbat morning service.

Students also practice Jewish ethics through our 13 Mitzvot program and lead mutliplet services with a congregant service leader prior to their B’nei Mitzvah. On the day of their B’nei Mitzvah celebration, students co-lead Shabbat services, chant from the Torah, read Haftarah, and offer a drash (sermon) teaching the text they have been studying.

Madrichim (8th to 12th Grade)

Madrichim (guides) offers an opportunity to our post-B’nei Mitzvah students to remain involved in Beit Sefer by working in classrooms with teachers and students. They gain leadership and classroom experience while serving their Sha’ar Zahav community and becoming role models for the younger students.