2020-2021 School Year Calendar

At-a-glance: Mark Your Calendars

  1. August through October 2020: Holiday programs abound with making, tikkun olam, and much celebrating. Don’t wait! Start in Elul (the month leading up to Rosh Hashanah) and keep going through Simchat Torah (at the end of Sukkot). Our holiday programs start on August 27 and finish on October 9. View the menu of programs available and RSVP for you and the children in your life.
  2. September 8, 2020: Hebrew learning begins for children in 5-7th grade.
  3. October 17, 2020: Shabbat program begins for all children enrolled in our Jewish Learning Program, Beit Sefer Phyllis Mintzer.

Beit Sefer Phyllis Mintzer: 2020-2021 Calendar

You can view the calendar for the 2020-2021 school year here and plan accordingly for family vacations or travel.