Hanukkah Giveaway

Sha’ar Zahav would like to give you and your loved ones a special Hanukkah gift…

During this festive season, you can sign up for a chance to win a Sha’ar Zahav Siddur (a great gift for yourself or a loved one) or a Visa giftcard ($50).

To participate, simply forward this link to friends and family members. Every time a loved one signs up*, both of you will be entered into the raffle which will be awarded the last night of Hanukkah, December 30th.

It’s an easy way for those closest to you (parents, aunts, uncles who may not know what synagogue you belong to) to learn about Sha’ar Zahav and receive a small token of appreciation from your Sha’ar Zahav family!


Don’t want to leave it up to chance?!… You can purchase a Sha’ar Zahav Siddur online (for yourself or a loved one) or make your year-end gift.



Ps. Want to send a Hannukah to those you registered to win? Share this Hanukkah ecard (below) with your loved ones.


* Contacts entered must be new to Sha’ar Zahav, meaning, never attended a SZ program (service or event) or new to receiving our web communications. Your contacts will only receive periodic mailings (not our weekly communications).