Social Action

Tikkun Olam

An important part of our spiritual life at Congregation Sha’ar Zahav, social action is about coming together to make the world a better place.  Tikkun Olam is the imperative to repair the world, so that it reflects the divine values of justice (tzedek), compassion (chesed), and peace (shalom).

San Francisco Organizing Project

Congregation Sha’ar Zahav is now part of the San Francisco Organizing Project. SFOP is a faith-based organization made up of more than 35 congregations and schools that work individually and collectively in the public arena on issues of importance to member congregations, such as education, housing and healthcare.

SFOP has helped guide us through a process that enables us to discover the issues of importance to our community. That process of discovery, utilizing largely one-on-one conversations between members and founded in our Jewish learning and tradition, has been as valuable to our community as the ultimate organizing work it leads us to do.

CSZ is the first Jewish congregation and the first LGBT-focused congregation to become a part of SFOP. The visibility that this brings to us and the sense of connectedness and common purpose that we can establish with other faith-based communities in the city is an important benefit and a step toward Tikkun Olam.

SFOP is part of a national network of faith-based community organizations, known as PICO, (People Improving Communities through Organizing), which includes over 50 organizations similar to SFOP in 15 states, supported and funded in part by the Jewish Fund for Justice, a national Jewish organization committed to fighting the injustice of poverty in America. While we are the first synagogue to join SFOP there are many shuls across the country participating in similar faith-based community organizations.