Caring Community

Hineni Caring Community

At Sha’ar Zahav, we show up for each other, in both care and celebration. “Hineni” is the biblical answer our ancestors gave when God called out to them: “I am present,” or “I am ready.” Formerly known as “Bikkur Cholim,” the Hineni Caring Community at Sha’ar Zahav strives to be present for one another.

Do you have a need?

We want to do what we can to help our members, whether it’s outreach by our clergy or practical assistance from members of our community, someone to listen or someone to take you to the doctor or bring you food … or something else? Let us know how we can be present for you. Contact us at [email protected].

Do you want to help?

Being present for someone can be as simple as making a call, helping with an errand, making a home visit, offering a ride or making or delivering food.

If you have questions about Hineni or other ways to volunteer, contact us at [email protected].

Caregivers Group

Sha’ar Zahav is also planning a weekly caregivers group for those taking care of an ill loved one. Please contact Rabbi Mychal Copeland at [email protected] to learn more about this group.

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