Sha’ar Zahav is a Jewish community that affirms the sacred in each and every one of us. Rooted in our history as San Francisco’s LGBTQ synagogue, we offer the warmth and comfort of chosen family. To that end, we embrace a diversity of individuals of all sexualities, genders, races and abilities. We welcome a diversity of families, including single members, interfaith, single-parent, and multicultural families.

At Sha’ar Zahav you will find a Jewish community strengthened by our diverse beliefs. A Reform synagogue, we draw from all streams of Judaism and give new life to ancient texts through music and laughter.  We come together with open hearts to learn and grow with each other, lifting each other up to do what we never thought possible.  

If you wish to discuss membership, please contact Heidy Ramirez, Director of Engagement, at . If you are ready to join, please simply fill out our membership form.

Sha’ar Zahav offers prospective members a variety of options when joining.

Membership Form


By becoming a member of Sha’ar Zahav, you are committing to a place that values diversity, member-led community, compassion and equality. Your membership also includes these more tangible benefits:

  • Pastoral care and counseling
  • Support for lifecycle events
  • Involvement in social justice efforts
  • A broad array of worship, educational, cultural, and social opportunities for members of all ages

Sha’ar Zahav invites new members to join us in a special way from January through June 2017. New members to our community are welcome to join based on a gift from the heart, after a membership conversation with a staff member or lay leader.  We are offering this new way to join our community to ensure that finances are not a barrier to anyone who would like to be a member. We hope this new model will enable more people to become part of our community.

Once your membership form is completed, a staff member will be in touch to set up an in-person conversation to get to know you, help you get to know Sha’ar Zahav, and discuss your commitment.


Youth / Student Membership

For all you students and recent college grads out there (under 26 yrs.), we are offering a yearly membership of $54!


Out-of-Town (Long-Distance) Membership

We invite those who live outside the Bay Area to join us as members for $180 per year without High Holy Day tickets, and $360 if you plan to join us for the High Holy Days. As an out-of-town member, you will receive our quarterly newsletter and the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to sustain our community and values.


Complete your Membership Form today!

Simply fill out the Sha’ar Zahav Membership Application below to apply for membership. If you have three or more adults in your family or more than two children, or if you wish to discuss membership please contact Heidy Ramirez Director of Engagement, at


Membership Application

Complete your Membership Application today!
  • Please write it out in English transliteration.
  • I give permission to CSZ to use my image for online and print purposes.
  • Please write it out in English transliteration.
  • I give permission to CSZ to use my image for online and print purposes.
  • If you would like to be reminded of the anniversary of a loved one's death, please list the deceased's name, your deceased's relationship with you (e.g. my mother, my friend, etc.), and the date of death below.
  • Children

  • Additional Information


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